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In 2008 I graduated from McMaster University (Canada) with an honors degree in Psychology and Biology. Then, I completed a research Masters degree at The University of Liverpool (England), graduating in 2009. Following this, I did my PhD in Social Psychology at The University of Groningen (The Netherlands) which I completed in 2013. 


Research Interests:
Broadly, I focus on how intimate relationships and social behaviors are shaped by endocrine factors. 

​​Menstrual cycle and contraceptive pill effects
I am interested in how the use of hormonal contraception may disrupt (adaptive?) mate preferences and behaviors which occur across the regular menstrual cycle. To explore this topic I frequently collaborate Dr.Christine Klipping of Dinox BV and Dr. Craig Roberts who is also based at the University of Stirling. I take a broad approach using a wide range of methodologies including laboratory experiments, analysis of archival data, hormone measures and surveys to tackle my research questions.​​​ 

Menarche, pregnancy and the menopause
Menarche, pregnancy and menopause are all phases of vast hormonal transition. I am interested in studying (the continuum of hormonal) predictors of satisfaction and well-being as women progress through these life events. 
Variation in testosterone 
​I am interested in testosterone as it relates to human mating behavior. Specifically, I examine how individual differences in testosterone relate to variables including sexual behavior, relationship status and risk taking. I often explore these topics in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Pollet and Dr. Leander van der Meij of The VU University of Amsterdam. More recently I have begun to examine how variation in testosterone impacts female sexual desire and functioning with Prof. dr.Herjan Coelingh Bennink and Yvette Zimmermen of Pantarhei Biosciences.​

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