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Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy in the Department of History and Politics.  He is a specialist in Scottish politics and public policy, currently completing (with Neil McGarvey, Strathclyde) a second edition of 'Scottish Politics'.  He is also a specialist in the study of policymaking, currently writing a single--authored book entitled 'Policy and Policymaking in the UK' and co-editing (with Robert Geyer, Lancaster) a book on complexity theory and its applications to policymaking. 

His articles have been accepted for publication in leading journals including British Journal of Politics and International Relations, British Politics, Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, European Journal of Political Research, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Legislative Studies, Journal of Public Policy, Journal of Social Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Policy and Politics, Political Studies, Policy Studies, Policy Studies Journal, Political Quarterly, Political Studies Review, Public Administration, Public Policy and Administration, Regional and Federal Studies, Scottish Affairs and Scottish Parliamentary Review

Research Interests:

Theories of public policy (including 'evolutionary' and 'complexity' theories)

Empirical studies of public policy - including aspects of the process (implementation, governance, interest groups) and substantive issues (education, health, tobacco, mental health)

Devolution in the UK

Scottish Politics

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