Dr Nils Bunnefeld
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Biological and Environmental Sciences

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Newly published or in press (visit my Google Scholar page)

Maxwell SL, Milner-Gulland EJ, Jones JPG, Knight AT, Bunnefeld N, Nuno A, Bal P, Earle S, Watson JEM, Rhodes JR (2015) Being smart about SMART targets. Science 347, 1075-1076.

Nuno A, Milner-Gulland EJ, Bunnefeld N. Detecting abundance trends under uncertainty: the influence of budget, observation error and environmental change. Animal Conservation (online)

Research Interests:

My main research interests encompass the conservation and management of social-ecological systems using the combination of empirical data collection and modelling to investigate the interaction between human decision-making and the dynamics of ecological processes.

In order to do this, I am focussing on developing models and approaches to integrate ecological, social and economic data and theory to assist conservation and management decision making.

My interests span the fields of social-ecological systems modelling, decision-making for conservation and movement ecology.

PhD students

Chris Pollard (2014-ongoing) Linking game theory and structured decision making for the resolution of conservation conflicts. Role: main supervisor. (with Dr Juliette Young, CEH; Prof Steve Redpath, University of Aberdeen; Dr Aidan Keane, University of Edinburgh; funded by NERC DTP IAPETUS)

Emma Bush (2013-ongoing) Determining the impact of climate change on the sustianabiltiy of tourism investment and long-term strategic planning for environmental management in Gabon. Role: main supervisor (with Dr Kate Abernethy, Prof Alistair Jump, Dr Daisy Dent, Dr Kath Jeffery)

Stephanie Bourgeois (2014-ongoing) Genetics of forest elephants in Gabon: population assignment of ivory and connectivity between national parks (with Dr Kath Jeffery (main supervisor); Dr Ross McEwing and Dr Rob Ogden, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland; funded by Gabon National Parcs, University of Stirling, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland)

Caroline Griffin (2011-ongoing) Assessing the impact of beach clearing on coastal biodiversity in Scotland (with Dr Andre Gillburn (main supervisor)) 

William Smith (2015-ongoing) Environmentally sensitive behaviour? Mitigating adverse impacts on capercaillie populations in the Cairngorms National Park (with Dr Madhu Satsangi, Social Sciences, University of Stilring (main supervisor) and Justin Prigmore, CNP authority)

Kathleen Stosch (2015-ongoing) Building resilience to respond to future environmental change across Scottish catchments (with Dr David Oliver (main supervisor), Dr Richard Quilliam)

Tom Bradfer-Lawrence (2015-ongoing) Maintenance of tropical forest bird communities in human-modified landscapes (with Dr Daisy Dent (main supervisor))

Lovisa Nilsson (2011- ongoing, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) Spatiotemporal foraging and movement patterns of a large grazing bird in agricultural areas (with Dr Johan Månsson (main supervisor), Dr Jens Persson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Zac Baynham-Herd (2015-ongoing, University of Edinburgh) Resolving the conservationis's dilemma: using game theory to develop stable collaborative conservation strategies (with Dr Aidan Keane (main supervisor), Dr Matt Bell (University of Edinburgh), Prof Steve Redpath (University of Aberdeen))



BIOU9PO Population Ecology and Conservation Applications
ENMPG21 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
ENMPG24 Tropical Ecology and Conservation Fieldcourse to Gabon
SCIU7SR Statistics using R
GEO1PE People and the Environment
ENMPG04 Environmental Policy and Management
SCIU5T5 Field and Laboratory Skills
SCIU3FB Biology Fieldcourse
ENVU3EC Introduction to Ecology

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Senior Lecturer
Biological and Environmental Sciences

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