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University of Stirling
United Kingdom

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Marisa works on various projects in the fields of social policy and pharmaceutical regulation. Mentored by Professor Gerard Hastings.

She has a PhD in pharmaceutical regulation/public health policy from the University of Stirling, an MSc from the University of Strathclyde and a BA from the University of South Africa. Prior to joining ISM, she worked as a radio presenter and journalist. She has also been a lecturer in the creative industries for several further and higher educational institutions around the world, while working as a freelancer in the field.

Research Interests:

As an Impact Fellow, Marisa is working on a variety of projects with overlapping themes including:

  • media representation of scientific information and commercial sector involvement in public health policy (pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol and food industries).

She analyses the presentation and marketing of electronic cigarettes in traditional, electronic and social media for a Cancer Research UK project; works on a UK media case study of images of tobacco in the press for the Addictions and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe - Reframing Addictions Project (ALICE RAP) project funded by the European Commission; and is exploring the construct of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  • pharmaceutical regulation on national, European and global levels; stakeholder relations and policy networks.

To this end, she is building on a model of intra-elite communication in pharmaceutical regulation and setting up international networks on bioethics with colleagues at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) (http://histpubmh.semel.ucla.edu) and Center of Biomedical Ethics and Culture (CBEC) in Pakistan (http://www.siut.org/bioethics/).

Her work in pharmaceutical regulation also overlaps with tobacco control as nicotine containing products such as e-cigarettes are regulated as medicines in some countries. She is working on a unified research agenda on tobacco harm reduction for the tobacco control community with Prof Gerard Hastings (funded by Cancer Research UK).

  • community engagement, knowledge exchange and citizen empowerment through innovative methods.

Marisa's work in this area has been funded by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and focuses on health inequalities. One project involves using radio as a form of data collection to engage with deprived Scottish communities; the other is an ethnographic study of minority ethnic groups.

Employment History:
Impact Fellow
01/08/2014 - 31/10/2014
Institute for Social Marketing
Impact Fellow

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