Dr Stuart Galloway
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University of Stirling
United Kingdom

Email: s.d.r.galloway@stir.ac.uk
Phone: 01786 466494
Fax: 01786 466477
Web: http://rms.stir.ac.uk/converis-stirling/person/10960

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Stuart Galloway is a Reader in the Health and Exercise Sciences Research Group at the University of Stirling. His research focusses on human nutrition and exercise metabolism, and on factors influencing hydration status. His current research projects include exploring carbohydrate feeding requirements during endurance exercise, understanding the role of carnitine in substrate metabolism, investigating the impact of fish oil feeding on skeletal muscle metabolism and function, and examining the hydration potential of different drinks in young and older adults. His research uses a range of techniques to assess whole body physiological responses and more recently includes a focus on tissue and cell culture methodologies.

Stuart has authored over 50 original peer-reviewed research articles, review articles, and book chapters. He is a member of the Board of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition register (an organization leading the professional registration of sport and exercise nutritionists / dietitians in the UK) and is an Advisory board member for Nutrition and Biochemistry with the Journal of Sports Sciences. He is Director of the Health and Exercise Sciences Laboratories at the University of Stirling, and provides consultancy advice to nutritionists, dietitians and coaches working in track and field athletics, cycling, and alpine and cross-country skiing.

Research Interests:

Nutrition and exercise metabolism (factors affecting carbohydrate and fat metabolism);

Understanding the hydration potential of different drinks (developing formulations for different groups);

Metabolic adaptations to exercise (interventions to promote carbohydrate and/or fat metabolism).

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Sport - Academic

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