Dr Andrea Baumeister
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University of Stirling
United Kingdom

Email: a.t.baumeister@stir.ac.uk
Phone: 01786 467572

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I completed my DPhil at the University of York on conceptions of autonomy in the context of debates surrounding multiculturalism. I joined Politics at Stirling in 1996, prior to which I taught at the University of Manchester.

Research Interests:

My main research interests lie within the area of liberal political philosophy, with a focus on questions of legitimacy, democratic participation and citizenship in contemporary pluralist liberal democracies. My recent research has focus on the relationship between gender equality and cultural justice and the implications of potential tensions between these concepts for liberal democracies committed to a more inclusive notion of citizenship that recognises diversity. Currently I am engaged in a project on the role of religion in the liberal public realm. This project critically examines the manner in which the separation between state and church has been conceived in contemporary liberal political thought and explores the implications of these frameworks for the rights and duties of religious and secular citizens.

Recent publications available on STORRE include:

‘Empowering Minority Women: Autonomy versus Participation’, Contemporary Political Theory, Vol. 11, No 3, 2012. ‘

The Use of Public Reason by Religious and Secular Citizens: Limitations of Habermas’ Conception of the Role of Religion in the Public Realm’ Constellations, Vol.18, No 2, 2011.

‘Gender, Culture and the Politics of Identity in the Public Realm’, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, 12 (2), 2009.

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Senior Lecturer

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