Dr Barbara Leonardi
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Room D23 Pathfoot Building
University of Stirling
United Kingdom

Email: barbara.leonardi@stir.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)1786 467576

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B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures (Verona)

M.A. in Modern Languages and Comparative Literatures (Verona)

Ph.D. in English Studies (Stirling)

Barbara Leonardi is an AHRC-funded Early Career Researcher working on the Stirling/South Carolina Research Edition of the Collected Works of James Hogg. She is currently carrying out archival research for a project entitled ‘James Hogg: Contributions to International Periodicals’ which will contribute to a volume published by Edinburgh University Press. Her AHRC-funded doctoral thesis ‘An Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in the Work of James Hogg’ was awarded the 2014 Ross Roy Medal at the Saltire Literary Awards for the top PhD thesis in the field of Scottish literature submitted in 2013. The thesis employs politeness theory and literary pragmatics to examine Hogg’s linguistic and thematic choices, with particular attention to issues of chastity, marriage and Scottish masculinity. In Stirling, she has taught modules on British Romanticism and Stylistics. Her research interests are on the intersections of gender with class and race in the construction of national and imperial ideologies in the long nineteenth century. She is also involved in exploring the potential of cross-research offered by the interface between physical archives and digital platforms. She has published extensively articles on Hogg and gender in leading journals. She is also a reviewer for The Year’s Work in English Studies (Oxford University Press) from volume 96 for the section '19th Century Romantic Period: Novel’.

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Research Assistant
English Studies

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