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Liam Delaney is SIRE Professor of Economics at the Scottish Institute for Research in Economics and Stirling University and Director of the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics PhD programme. Previously, he was Deputy Director and a senior researcher in the UCD Geary Institute, and a lecturer holding a tenured appointment with the UCD School of Public Health and Population Science and the UCD School of Economics. He lectured econometrics, health economics and behavioural economics in University College Dublin and supervised post-graduate students in economics and public health. In 2009, he received the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland's Barrington Medal. He was a 2010 Fulbright Fellow and Center for Health and Well-Being fellow at Princeton University.

Research Interests:
My general area of expertise is in behavioural economics and the overlap between economics and psychology. I am happy to talk with students about pretty much any research in this area. I am particularly interested in talking to potential PhD students interested in the areas below. My three main current research interests are: (i) the effect of early life conditions on later health and psychological well-being; (ii) the measurement and economic determinants of adult well-being, in particular the link between unemployment and well-being; (iii) the nature of human adult time preferences, including the evolution of time preferences over the life-cycle, deviations from standard inter-temporal choice models, effect of stress on temporal decision-making, biological basis of temporal decision-making.
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